Amiga OS 3.1 beta por Hyperion #aMiGaTrOnIcS

Hyperion Entertainment, gracias a Thomas Richter y Olaf Barthel, están preparando una nueva versión del sistema operativo para Amiga clásico, la 3.1, o mejor dicho, una actualización para esta. Fue mostrada en la feria Amiga32. Aquí una lista de las mejoras:

– Fast File System with native 64-bit support for NSD, TD64 and direct SCSI, long filenames and resizable media support
– CrossDOS with native 64-bit support for NSD, TD64 and direct SCSI support, long filenames and resizable media support, new mfm.device
– Format, DiskCopy and HDToolbox with 64-bit support based on NSD, TD64 and direct SCSI support, plus bug fixes
– C:Mount for large media, direct SCSI support and resizable removable media
– Working soft links for the RAM disk and Fast File System
– Shell tools with long filename support, softlinks and large media support
– Math libraries that reconfigure themselves when an FPU becomes available after loading.
– New DIR command with nicely formatted output
– New Workbench that also copies links
– CPU command with 68060 support
– exec.library that no longer dies on 68060
– SetPatch, without NSDPatch and RomUpdates (not needed anymore)
– Intuition with off-screen window dragging
– aux-handler now completely rewritten in C. No more BCPL code in AmigaOS!
– More bugfixed portions: audio.device, asl.library, Compugraphic fonts, diskfont and fixfonts, icon.library, iffparse.library, Installer, iPrefs, Locale, parallel and serial devices, RAMlib and RAMdrive, rexxsyslib, scsi.device, speak-handler, More, and others
– Added V45 layers.library, V45 execute command, V46 Shell




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