Commodore Amiga 500 Video Test Flight (1987) - Promo Video #Constelación Commodore

This is a VHS video made by the Marketing Department of Commodore in 1987. It was offered free via phone, as marketed in magazines ads, or in commercial stores. I had the spanish version of this video,which is different with 8 minutes extra that you can see here ( ) This original version contains 15 minutes of sweet and fun demonstration of the Amiga capabilities, beauty and power showing Business Applications, Music Tools, Video programs, Graphic software, DTP soft and Games with many examples. In the last seconds of video I added a final sound that wasn't exist on the original.. Sorry but i can't resist to do it :) Enjoy! ---- Constelacion Commodore ---- Twitter: Constelación Commodore @ConCommodore Luismi Herrero @Sir Arthur72 Facebook: Web: Tienda Camisetas y merchandising: Ivoox: Itunes: TuneIn: Youtube: ---- Bunker401 ---- Twitter: Bunker401 @Bunker401 Luismi Herrero @Sir Arthur72 Facebook: Web:


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